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Soumya Mishra

   Hello there, you divine souls!


   I am the soul behind Soul Soiree and I am glad that you are here reading this. The purpose of being here and being able to connect with you is indeed what was meant for me. After eleven years in the corporate world, I am elated to be doing what keeps me in harmony with my true self.


   Soul Soiree is the union of my passion and determination to use my abilities for the best of humankind. As a clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairsentient and clairaudient, I can channel myself to understand and help you. Being an Akashic Records reader and Past Life Regression therapist brings along a plethora of possibilities and opportunities to detangle complexities of life. Having this ability of being the channel to convey the counsels of the Spirit Guides to you certainly is in itself a milestone and I am keen to keep listening, helping, guiding and ameliorating the experiences of life for people.


   Warmly and with a heart full of welcome I am here to help you help yourself!

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