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Does the inner voice heal anxiety?

A stance on the relationship between the inner voice and anxiety issues.

Well, my spirit guides have a simple answer to this. Anxiety happens when one doesn’t listen to their inner voice (intuition). When you don’t listen to your intuition, it starts to withdraw because every time you don’t listen to it, you are actually telling it to shut-up! And when it finally stops talking to you or rather you stop listening to it, is when you set a place for stress and anxiety in yourself.

Now few people might have this question how to listen to this inner voice?

To this, I say it’s always talking to you, guiding you on your path. And it’s not at all difficult to listen to or talk to this voice. Let me explain this with an example. When you meet a person, you automatically have a feeling about that person. This feeling may be good or bad. Where is this feeling coming from? Well, that’s your inner voice talking to you and you listening to it. That’s how you listen to your inner voice. It’s that gut feel that comes immediately, without your asking. It just IS there, always! It works in your favor. That’s why it’s advisable to listen to this inner voice. When you start listening to this inner voice, it starts speaking to you more. Following it or not following it, is your conscious decision that we make every time it talks. A better choice would be to listen to it, so as to avoid unfavorable situations in your

life. Yes! Your inner voice has the capability of saving you from disasters. And when you follow its advice, you feel light and happy. That’s our natural state of being. Living this way leaves no space for anxiety or stress in our lives.

Another hurdle that we face in following this voice is, sometimes it isn’t logical (or we aren’t able to see the logic at first). We are so conditioned to follow logic always that we stop trusting ourselves and start placing our trust on logic. Logic comes from our mind, not our soul; hence it doesn’t always satisfy our soul. Anxiety not only affects our mind, but also our soul. It diminishes the power of our soul. So what are we doing to keep our souls happy Now here’s what I have experienced in my life. When I faced this dilemma of either following the logic or my inner voice, and when I chose the latter, I found that in the long run, it was beneficial for me(and my soul). Logic made me think practically about my life situations

but what I now know is, it has its limitations, whereas my inner voice doesn’t!

I have taken the decision to always listen to my inner voice and live a fulfilling life. Hope you choose the best for you keeping your happiness on priority!

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