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What is akashic records according to the akashic field?

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

(Channeled directly from akashic field under the guidance of my spirit guide)


Akashic records are the journey to the soul world of that particular soul (into the soul consciousness). Being in this realm/field, brings harmony in the sub-conscious and conscious layers of one’s mind. Meaning, there’s no concept of duality in akashic records. There is only one consciousness, that we keep accessing. This doesn’t have to be confused with the workings of the physical world. Every soul has its own consciousness, connected to the one consciousness and others like a network. We need to remember that. Here in akashic, we can tap into each other’s energy and read the records. Its like a network spread over the entire space and the point that you choose to tap on, you will tap on that particular point. The term “point” here means a specific issue, a specific condition, a specific person or property, it’s that easy.

So never be afraid, it’s your right to access akashic. This field is very energetic, it operates at a certain frequency, at a certain vibration. To access this, you have to first tap into your own frequency which matches with that of Akashic field. Which means your very very calm space and then you can read anything in Akasha. We welcome you with open hearts. The light beings of Akashic welcome you with open hearts. 😊

We want more and more people connected to us. Because this is the higher intelligence that people should operate from. This is the perspective that a human being should live from. You have an ariel view of your life from here. Once you have that, you know your major purpose and goals of your life. You know how to live, you know what matters, you know what doesn’t. It’s important to have this perspective.

Akashic was made accessible to people in general, to all, so that people start living from this perspective, from this point of view. The point of view on earth is no more important for higher souls like you, who are here to learn Akashic Records. What’s important is that you are more compassionate, that you are operating from the point of compassion and from the position of love, unconditional love and from the position of togetherness(inclusivity). Because when you tap into Akashic field, you are tapping into the one consciousness, which is the storage of all the memories, all the happenings, events, on this planet, outside this planet, in this universe, in all the universes. That’s where you are. Utilize this field, this Akashic field, for your betterment, for the betterment of humans and for the betterment of universe in all. It starts with you, yes you!

So, Welcome!

Here you may meet many beings, you can tap into galaxies as well, but right now the first and foremost important mission is to save humans from more tragedy, not just as a whole but also on an individua level. The time has come that we need to realize that without any ulterior motive we have to help every human. This is a message from Akasha, from our realm, from our beings to the human realm, the most precious creation of the almighty. You are being given the opportunity, so seize it and help us by helping others.

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