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My leap from being a corporat-ier to a healer

(Grateful I took it)

Today I am going to take you through my journey from working in the corporate to leaving it for the world of healing. I have worked in the corporate (fashion industry) for 11 years and changed my profession (and industry) after that.

I started my healing journey in October, 2020. It started with meditation because covid hit the world and we had ample of time for ourselves. As I moved along on the path, I figured that there are innumerable modalities for those who wanted to dive deeper in healing. I had few questions of my own when I started looking out for modalities that would satiate my soul and answer those questions. The most commonly known ones in India (astrology, numerology,etc) had tested my patience and I had given up on them. That's when I started looking beyond these modalities. While I was searching for ways to answer my questions, my sister gave me a book saying it would interest me. It was "Many lives many master" by Dr. Brian Weiss. This book really opened me up to the idea of past life regression. This term was fairly new to me then, so I took google's help in knowing it better. After a few reads, I decided to go for the session. As I decided, I found my therapist, again, through google. It was as if we were meant to meet. As she listened to my story and my questions, she said "Well, Soumya, according to me we should try to figure out the reason for your unhappiness. Why are you unhappy? because you have a good life and except one or two things, you have everything. So why are you unhappy?" and this shook me to my gut. It made me rethink about the way I looked at myself and my life. So during the session, I saw a life in which I got to know my life's purpose. The purpose was to do something with healing or soul work. The choice of what and through which modality was left to me (this is where my free will comes into play). Happily satisfied with the session, I again turned to google, this time, for searching the training centers for past life regression. I had decided to take up this modality with the thought that if it could answer my questions, I would help others by answering theirs. However I wasn't sure of the way in which I would do it.

That's when I put this idea into one of my friend's mind. And she said why not! She knew I had worked in the fashion industry for so long and I was never really happy (as if my soul was searching for something else). She started looking out for ways in which people changed their careers after a lot of experience and started sending those stories to give me confidence. With her help I decided to give it a go any which ways. I was like let's take the first step on this blurry path (honestly I wasn't clear at all about it and it was my first time of venturing into something with no idea of the future at all). It was then that I understood, not having control is not all easy. We are used to having control in our lives, even if it doesn't change the outcome.

So, with her help, I moved on to searching for a training center where I could learn this modality. I came across a few and with the help of my therapist (now friend), I zeroed in on one. As I zeroed in, I found out that the level one of this course was happening in Jan'21(Dr. Trupti Jayin's Mystic Journey course). I joined the course. This is a course where you get a taste of what this modality is, the process, the healing that takes place through it and it gives you a fair idea of whether you would want to take it up as your profession. I think it was these 10 days, along with my first past life regression experience that helped me to lock in on this modality for helping people out. I met wonderful people in that class. It also opened me up to a group where I found many like minded people and trust me it's a big relief to know your herd.

After this, there was no looking back. I started learning different modalities. In May'21 Akashic records happened. Like it literally fell on my lap (will write about it in detail in a different post). I learned past life regression from Dr. Trupti Jayin in Dec'21. I am also a Reiki grandmaster now.

If I talk about how I feel about the shift that I went through (from fashion to healing), I'd say I am super happy and most important of all, peaceful and satisfied with what I am doing and where I am at. Though the path is not all rosy, it has its thorns, but I have realised when you do something with passion and out of our own will, you are not deterred by the thorns, they are just mere challenges and you overcome them all. I am still learning(my clients teach me a lot), growing and finding my footing, but for me, that was the best choice I ever made!

B'bye for now, meet you in another post! Take care and stay happy! and Thankyou for reading :)

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