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Soumya Mishra

Hello there, you divine souls!

   I am the soul behind Soul Soiree and I am glad that you are here reading this. The purpose of being here and being able to connect with you is indeed what was meant for me. After eleven years in the corporate world, I am elated to be doing what keeps me in harmony with my true self.


   Soul Soiree is the union of my passion and determination to use my abilities for the best of humankind. As a clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairsentient and clairaudient, I can channel myself to understand and help you. Having this ability of being the channel to convey the counsels of the Spirit Guides to you certainly is in itself a milestone and I am keen to keep listening, helping, guiding and ameliorating the experiences of life for people.


   Warmly and with a heart full of welcome I am here to help you help yourself!


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What we offer


This is the journey of a soul, not just into one but many lifetimes (if required), to resolve a certain issue. The process of this modality involves initiating the mind into a mild hypnotic state, so that it regenerates the memories embedded in the inner layers of the sub-conscious. When you re-experience the memory & the feelings and emotions connected to it, you heal yourself. Because you are able to see that nothing is permanent and the past memory is not helping you anymore. You immediately learn the lesson and release the emotional bonding that's holding you back and keeping you trapped.

Releasing of emotions is healing of emotional body, thus healing the physical body as well as the current life situations.


Akashic records are the journey to the soul world of that particular soul (into the soul consciousness). Every soul has its own consciousness, its own energy, thus creating its own karmas. Akashic records help you to identify the origin of these karmic retributions and the remedy for the same. It helps an individual gain an overall perspective of his life, helping him to realise his karmic patterns and release them. Doing this takes him closer to his original self, bringing him peace of mind and calmness to his life.


A type of energy healing which works directly on your energy circles created by your karmas. It heals the blocks/knots thus releasing the troubles caused by them. It's usually done for a specific number of days. It is not a one time thing. The number of days depends on the problem type and the intensity of it.

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What people say?


After the readings my perspective towards myself has changed. I am sincerely focusing on self improvement and this has really changed my outlook towards the situations and people around. I can see myself as better version of myself 😊


Past life regression process made me feel a lot lighter, positive and confident. I really could feel the healing being done. Soumya has been very sweet and supportive through the whole process and after. May god bless you !


Thank you so much, Soumya. I’m happy with the reading and gives me a perspective to follow through. Was trying to reach you but the line was busy. Anyhow, I will see what I can do in terms of starting my own thing. Thanks again and will get in touch with you soon.


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